Tramel Property Inspections
We encourage you to allow time to attend at least the final portion of the inspection. This allows us to walk through the home with you, pointing out findings and explaining elements of the report. Following is a short description of some of our inspection services:

Homebuyer’s pre-closing inspections
Sometimes referred to as a "general home inspection," these are booked prior to closing on either brand new or existing housing. The inspection covers hundreds of components in the home and includes a written report clearly outlining safety concerns and the current condition of the home. The report gives buyers the information they need to make the best decision and prepare for future maintenance.

New home construction inspections
TPI inspects new homes for home buyers or builders upon the completion of construction. This protects the home buyer by identifying any deficiencies which can be corrected prior to taking possession of the new home.

New home builder’s warranty inspections
Most brand-new home builders provide homeowners with a 12-month Builder’s Warranty. Ordering an inspection before the warranty expires gives the homeowner a professionally-prepared report to go over with the builder addressing possible issues. If repairs are not needed, it provides peace of mind regarding the quality of the new home.

We Also Offer

Re-Inspections-Includes only items which were found deficient in the original inspection that have now been repaired.
Commercial Inspections-Call for more information or a quote.
One Item Inspections-If you do not require your entire home inspected, we do offer individual item inspections. (Roof, Foundation, etc.)
Professional Home Inspections In Killeen, Texas